Economic and Social Rights Project

Judicial Enforcement ESR and Democratic Theory, Presenters: Danie Brand (convener), Roberto Gargarella, Karl Klare, Sandra Liebenberg, Frank Michelman, S. Muralidhar,Shiro Okubo
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The Impact of ESR on the Ground - How Are Things Working, Presenters: Helena Alviar (convenor), Danie Brand, Martha Davis, Chris Jochnick, Hope Lewis, Colm O'Cinneide, Shiro Okubo, Alicia Yamin
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The Law of ESR 1 - Litigation, Substantive Doctrine, & the Role of International Norms in National Courts, Presenters: Iain Byrne (convenor), Catarina de Alburqueque, Christian Courtis, Martha Davis, Hope Lewis, Colm O'Cinneide, Bruce Porter, Lucy Williams
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The Law of ESR 2 - Standards of Review and Remedies, Presenters: Sandra Liebenberg (convenor), Catarina de Alburqueque, Iain Byrne, Manuel Cepeda, Christian Courtis, Colm O'Cinneide, Bruce Porter, Lucy Williams
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Bruce Porter, "Toward a Comprehensive Framework for ESC Rights Practice, revised and updated version of 'The Crisis in ESC Rights and Strategies for Addressing It" in Bret Thiele and Malcolm Langford, eds., Litigation of Economic, Social and Cultural Rights: The State of Play (Sydney: University of South Wales Press, 2005).

Bruce Porter, "A Right to Healthcare only if You Can Pay for it" (2005) 6 ESR Review.

external image msword.png Canadian Right to Housing Case.doc Recent Right to Housing Case from Canada

external image msword.png budlender on remedies.doc Budlender "Developing Effective and Democratic Remedies"

ESR, Non-Governmental Actors, & Private Law, Presenters: Karl Klare (convenor), Helena Alviar, Christian Courtis, Dennis Davis, Roberto Gargarella, Chris Jochnick, Sandra Liebenberg
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Bringing Socio-economic Rights Back into the Mainstream of Human Rights: The Case-law of the European Committee on Social Rights as an Example of Rigorous and Effective Rights Adjudication Colm O’Cinneide*

Social Rights in the Constitution and in Practice, Avi Ben-Bassat and Momi Dahan, May 2003

Makinen-Rights, Review and Spending: Policy Outcomes-Abstract Only

Minkler-Economic Rights and Political Decision Making-Abstract Only

Gauri-Courting Social Justice-Excerpt